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 Visual Pharmacy Plus™

Visual Pharmacy Plus™ is a fully integrated, real-time, prescription processing software that provides today's retail pharmacies all the tools necessary to handle the complexities of modern prescription processing. The system offers a high degree of functionality combined with an easy-to-use graphical interface.  Whether you fill 50 or 5,000 prescriptions a day, the AbacusRx Visual Pharmacy Plus™ software handles it with ease.

A key feature is a highly centralized prescription processing platform.  The system is designed primarily around the prescription fill screen. Functions such as filling prescriptions, adding patients and doctors, transmitting online claims, performing proactive DUR analysis, maintaining SIGs, and printing patient education leaflets can all be done while filling a prescription. This centralized design greatly improves the user's productivity by providing direct access to most of the tasks associated with prescription processing from a centralized processing screen.  Additional Features...

Visual Pharmacy Plus

Designed as a fully integrated pharmacy management system, the HIPAA compliant Visual Pharmacy Plus™ centralizes data and reporting.  With its easy-to-use graphical user interface processing new prescriptions and filling refills is quick and easy. The system makes processing claims, managing inventory, billing, adjudication, reporting, and maintaining and updating data easy.

AbacusRx maintains an up-to-date database of all physicians nationwide, over 8,000 insurance companies, all manufacturers, major Sigs in multiple languages, more than 100,000 drugs and much more.  The access and maintenance of this data insures that your pharmacy stays ahead of the competition.
Complete List of Key Features...

The system is capable of managing multiple pharmacies. Share patient information and prescription history with security and privacy restrictions while keeping separate inventory.

Visual Pharmacy Plus is Ideal for Pharmacies Servicing

Long Term Care Facility
Assisted Living Facility
Pain Management Centers
Skilled Nursing
Correctional Institution
Specialty Clinics

FREE Modules Included with Visual Pharmacy Plus
The following Modules are included as part of your Visual Pharmacy Plus software package.  Most pharmaceutical software vendors will either charge you $1,000's extra for these modules, plus a monthly fee for each or they do not offer them at all.  These are included Free.
Accounts Receivables
Cycle Fill
Inventory Control
Hard Copy Scanning
Payment Reconciliation
Compounding & IV
OTC and Service Billing
Signature Capture
Flexible Drug Pricing
Home Delivery Tracking
Barcode Scanning
Drivers License Scanning
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